Heer or Waffen-SS Camouflage Combat Helmet

SKU: Mhbwvlic


This is an outstanding EF64 M40 Combat Helmet with heat lot #303, which has both Heer and SS helmets attributed to this or nearby numbers in the ICE reference. This description will demonstrate this more fully: The helmet displays the typical EF features in the shape of the shell and has an untouched complete liner and strap system. The EF schiefergrau factory finish is topped with a sprayed on camo scheme consisting of ordinance tan, brick red and grass green in light but vivid application overall. There is no overt evidence of decals showing through, which is often the case with undisturbed camos. However, viewing each side of the rim, as well as the back, reveals telltale scratch marks that appear to have been caused by the rocker clips of an SS helmet cover. There are closeups to show this. Note that these are not contrived or newly made; they show the same patina as every bit of the rest of the helmet’s surface. With the less elaborately applied camo scheme, which is often observed with SS camos more so than Heer (which tend toward heavier camo application). So without exposed decals to factor in, I cannot say 100% it is SS, nor 100% that it is heer. Perhaps the non-Germanic name in the liner could provide a clue.  An outstanding camo, priced within reason to the evidence at hand. COA accompanies.

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