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Heer or Possible Waffen-SS Normandy Style Camouflage Helmet, Priced as Heer


This ET66 helmet features heat lot number 228, a number which as pictured, can fall into either Heer or Waffen-SS production contracts. The camouflage scheme, which is ordinance tan and grass green, obscures any visual signs of decals on either side using standard loop. The underlying factory finish is the typical ET schiefergrau medium texture, and the name “Zapf.” appears in the rear skirt. The liner and strap show heavy service use and age wear. Back to the finish: I have personally observed 5 examples of SS helmet painted in only tan and green as their Normandy assault scheme colors. Almost all if not all of the Heer examples I have observed also include brick red as part of their Normandy colors.  For that reason, I cannot state that this is not SS. Given the uncertainty and overall condition, I am pricing it accordingly and reasonably. Full COA accompanies.


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