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HOLD (ms) Heer M35 Unit ID’d Camouflage Combat Helmet


This example is an ET64 M35 reissue, with a light spray application of brick red and a hint of grass green. This finish is a strong 90+ % throughout, including the The Heer adler shows through the camouflage finish slightly. The liner and strap reflect the main features of reissue and are original untouched to the helmet. Both show the effects of wear and age. There is a clear name and Feldpostnummer in the rear skirt. This is the result:

This data provides an interesting bit of combat history to this helmet, and accounts for it showing the signs of hard fighting. Further research of this data can provide the location of combat with Allies that might provide a clue to the unit of the soldier who brought this piece back from the War. Update– two images have been added of different file copies of the same individual, showing the info and the name is the same and this KIA is from a Jager Battalion. Some of the information seems to indicate this might possibly be the individual. COA accompanies.


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