Outstanding Waffen-SS M35 Camo Combat Helmet

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Lesson learned: always inspect things carefully! My deceased collector friend left some things un-catalogued, so I was unaware that this was an SS helmet until I thought about the lot number and decided to put the helmet under more scrutiny. I put a strong light on the inside and immediately saw an ink inscription in the skirt–it is behind so much original age and patina that I did not see it earlier during photography. It says “SS-Mann Luther.” (Flashlit pictures are included). An SS Camo Helmet. This helmet is very heavily camouflaged in green paint with a mixture of heavy texture sand that forms a heavy crust on the helmet. The heat lot number is 3233 (I mentioned I’ve seen that on SS before), with the shell a Q64. The liner is heavily worn as is the strap. Another interesting piece from David M’s collection! COA accompanies. *** I’ve updated this listing with USB pictures that David had shared with a friend, showing decal evidence under the crust camouflage coating. Also included is a very famous picture of totenkopf in France with what appear to be crust covered helmets.

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