Hard Worn SS-VT / Waffen-SS Combat M35

SKU: TM125


This ET64, heat lot #2804 is an early war SS combat helmet. It has three layers of paint and an equal number of decals. The outermost are CA Pochers, as expected. I have observed very early liner dates in this heat lot number range, and this single ply liner has the early embossed maker logo on the leather. The date is hard to see on the liner band. The aluminum leather retaining pins have dissolved through age corrosion, leaving the reasonably good condition leather portion of the liner fully detached, but “there.” The chinstrap is in relatively good condition. Within the layers of paint, there are names that are illegible. As far as aesthetics, this is about as hard core service wear as one can expect, but the helmet is obviously Waffen-SS from across the room, so it has a lot of display appeal. It is price very reasonably to fill a spot in that combat collection. COA on request.

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