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Hard Service Used Waffen-SS Helmet


This is an ET64 #4392 M35 Waffen-SS helmet, showing very extensive service use, and a one-color camouflage finish. This finish is very well covered in photo archives, to be what the SS units used to quick-subdue the shiny helmets during the campaign in the West in 1940. The camo paint is the ordinance grey vehicle paint which was used in production of vehicles prior to 1942, when ‘ordinance tan’ took over as the production color–and hence, the later war base camo color for helmets. The paint finish shows flaking but is largely intact. The decals are covered by the paint but are obviously underneath it. The liner is dark from use, but intact, as is the chinstrap, which is a Kampmann 1938 or 39 dated. Overall a great combat SS helmet, reasonably valued. COA accompanies.

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