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Handsome, Service Worn Luftwaffe Oberst der Flieger (Colonel of Flight) Tunic


This is a sharp, service worn Luftwaffe Colonel’s tunic from a decades-old collection that came out two years ago. The pictures show a lot of detail, and the highlights are that it shows overall commensurate wear and patina throughout the insignia. A thorough blacklighting has yielded no red flags, with all of the tacking thread in the vicinity of the shoulderboards being dead, not glowing. Inside the shoulder seams, where there is obviously detectable disturbance to the top edge (where it would be separated to allow the insertion of boards when promotions in rank occur), this thread is also old and dead to the blacklight. Moreover, the surface patina of the cloth inside and out is uniformly the same across these critical areas. This includes the collar tabs, which except for mothing to the underneath felt material, also show no recent disturbance–plus everything matches. My assessment is that the jacket has as much chance as not, of being a real period example of a Colonel who advanced in rank while using the same jacket, during the period from when he was a Captain to a Colonel– which in real time during the war was probably not more than about three years maximum. That’s my assessment, and I’ve priced it accordingly, to account for other less likely possibilities of being postwar upgraded. COA accompanies with these caveats.


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