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NAMED, Service-Used Waffen-SS Pionier Officer Tunic,


This is an exceptionally nice SS-Obersturmf├╝hrer tunic, for an officer in the Engineers (pioniertruppe). The tunic was tailor made, dated on the name label as “Juni, 1944,” and is badged with earlier quality bullion runes, bullion eagle and higher quality shoulderboards, with black underlay for Pionier. The lining is a satin-like material, with the Kronenberg tailor’s label, and on the inside pocket, the full label with the name and rank of the wearer, “Dr. Merzfeld or Marzfeld, Oberstf.” The collector had placed a mint-unissued aguilette on the tunic, a portion of which shows in the photographs. While not related to the tunic, the aguilette itself is mint, with the price tag still attached, and can be included with the purchase free of charge (one picture shows it, for reference). COA accompanies.


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