HOLD (jm) German Paratrooper FJ Early Step-in Jump Smock

SKU: kjhsmsk


This smock is the early style step-in “knochensack” used by the Fallschirmjaeger during the assault on the Maginot Line and in the attack on Crete. These were produced in a ‘grunmeliert’ denim smock material. This example has been conserved, due to the eagle and a sizeable segment of cloth being torn from the right breast. The conservator, using a matching piece of grunmeliert and an original ‘speckled background’ Luft eagle, mimicked the existing field repair that was located down in the crotch area (see pictures). Using the exact stitching technique as the repair, the conservator restored the integrity of the breast area and inside pocket, creating a serviceable condition for the smock. It is a sympathetic and fine looking conservation work. The fasteners, zippers, and all other aspects of this smock are original untouched and in service used but fine condition. The camera shows more toning than the actual appearance of the smock in hand. Given the conservation, what would normally be an $18000 smock, is with this piece a much more appropriate valuation —  and remains a fine, historic collectible.

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