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RESERVED (dh) Killer! Full Vet Provenance Early Spanner FJ Helmet


This FJ helmet is a fine example of an early spanner actual jump helmet, dating to about 1940 based on heat lot #70 and overall configuration. The helmet shows moderate use and service wear, but the straps are fully intact with some stitching separation and weakening at areas. There is no rot to either the straps or liner, just service wear and expected normal aging. The finish is full, with some wear, and the decal shows normal dings but is overall sharp. The spanner rivets are un-touched, showing whitewash remnants and grime in the small holes– a remarkable forensic checkpoint. The lugs on the interior show untouched patina, no turning or removal. There is a surname Zimmermann in the rear skirt in white paint, with the ink inscription “Gefr Zimmermann” in the liner–clearly visible. The history of the helmet, obtained by the current owner from Bill Shea, shows an incredibly interesting story of an officer of Polish-American heritage who served as Liaison Officer to a Polish allied infantry unit in the Monte Cassino campaign. All of this is captured in a decades old newspaper article about him, including a description of his WWI as well as WWII service. There is not any direct reference as where and how he obtained the helmet, just that he brought it back from the war (however, Monte Cassino was a decidedly Fallschirmj√§ger battle, so it is possible to have come from there). A fine, untouched veteran-provenanced FJ helmet, COA accompanies.

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