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From Himmler’s House, 14 SS-,,Galizien” Founding Day Ceremony Photo Album


This album was brought home by the same veteran who brought back Heinrich Himmler’s Chair from his abandoned house in the Obersalzberg in May 1945. The picture of the men listening to the radio was taken in Himmler’s house, on V-E day, and they were listening to the broadcast announcement of the war’s end at that moment. The chair is now in the famous Gettysburg Museum of History, and was recently featured on one of the “History Underground” videos.  This album, part of the grouping and owned by me since 2014, is offered for sale now to a prospective new owner. The binding is hand-tooled leather made by one of the SS members, with numerous photos professionally taken by war-correspondents to commemorate the event, the ceremonial founding of the 14th SS Freiwillige Panzergrenadier Divsion, ,,Galizien” (Ukranian). The pictures include some of Himmler and the Division Commander, Ritterkreuztraeger Fritz Freitag, who presented the album to Himmler. Some of the pictures appeared in “Signal” magazine and other publications during the war as well. Most are candid shots of the training, swearing-in, maneuvers, and other ceremonies associated with the occasion.  The photos were mounted and captioned by a division soldier (note the inscriptions in white pencil). Himmler must have cared deeply about the album to have kept it in his Obersalzberg retreat. An amazing piece of Waffen-SS history. COA accompanies.

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