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RESERVED (r.g) Four Decals SS M34 Sicherheitsdienst Helmet


I owned this helmet over 20 years ago and sold it to a close friend who has had it all this time. This is a fine example of a larger size M34 helmet, with moderate wear and four SS decals on it. If you look carefully at the party shield, you can see the shadow of the runes showing through the white circle, and on the runic side, you can see the little patches of red background of the party shield underneath. None of us knows why many of the SD helmets featured reversed decals in the early days, nor why when re-decaled, the shields were put back on the ‘correct’ side, but on top of each other. My other SD helmets in my collection feature this same nuance. At any rate, the helmet is a fine example of this iconic style. Moreover, in the books on KL camps, etc., there can be found many pictures of camp guard staff wearing M34 helmets in their formations for visitors, etc. An outstanding an historic piece, COA accompanies.

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