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Focke-Wulf FW-190 Southern Front Theater Pilot’s Souvenir Desktop Ornament


Of the many Third Reich desktop ornaments from the Ron Wolin collection,  this is one of the most interesting. It is a souvenir that a German pilot would be able to obtain while deployed in the eastern European front in combat operations. It is locally made and crafted by a local artisan and painted authentically in a local (southrrn front) scheme. The squadron emblem is for Flugzeugführerschule A/B 123 (Kroatien). It was based at Agram-Borongaj airfield/s between 10.05.1941 and 06.05.1943. Overall the airplane is in excellent condition and shows all of the colors vividly. On the stand is presumably the emblem of The Fighter Wing, in the inscription ‘Agram 1943.’ Agram was the name for Zagreb, Croatia during the war.


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