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FJ M38 Helmet, Slotted Bolt Type


This recently picked fallschirmjaeger helmet has seen better days. It appears to have been moderately service use, but the ravages of time and probable use as a biker helmet, etc. have taken the condition down a few notches. The finish is largely present, and shows a thick coating of old shellac or wax, probably done by the GI to ‘preserve’ it– this was a common practice which I noted as a young boy hunting for German helmets at gun shows or seeing them at my friends’ houses. The Luft adler is present under this finish. The helmet also is missing the leather portion of the liner, the straps, and a rear rivet (the rivets are slotted aluminum, last type). The helmet could probably be restored a bit, and made to look much better, as much finish and the main internal framework still remain. A good project helmet in as found vet garage condition. COA accompanies.

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