HOLD (mm) Fine Waffen-SS NCO Visor Cap



This is an earlier cap, likely circa 1938-39. It features the orange chintz lining and celluloid sweatshield, with ersatz sweatband and a simple marking of size 59 under the shield. The cap band is black wool, edged in white wool piping, as is the feldgrau trikot body of the cap. The chincord is the two buckle Heer style, quite commonly noted in period SS-VT / Waffen-SS photos. The insignia feature an early quality Deschler skull, which fully appears to be original to the cap and un-moved (pictured). The eagle, showing the same early quality, may have been replaced, given that there are two holes visible in the chintz fabric on the interior, behind the position of the eagle. The cap is overall a fine condition, large example that is highly collectible. COA accompanies.


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