Fine Waffen-SS Bergmutze, Early Style

SKU: Uargberg


This outstanding and incredibly rare cap is an early SS-VT bergmutze, produced in feldgrau. These caps feature the full sweatband, short bill and low peak, with two button closure. The insignia on these consisted of the pin-on Deschler skull and triangular SS-VT eagle on the side. This cap features a metal edelweiss affixed in place of the eagle insignia. The overall condition shows moderate service use, with no holes or damage. The leatherette sweatband has typical tears in a couple of spots. The typical mouse grey cotton lining is present and unmarked. In Charles Trang’s outstanding work on Totenkopf, there are period photos of many caps like this shown as issued to JR9, “Thule.” There are other SS gebirgs formations wearing these, perhaps due to their style and suitability. A rare and beautiful piece of SS headgear. COA accompanies.

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