Sold (RS)Fine SS-VT Cloth Billed Crusher

SKU: Uajprcrush


This beautiful SS crusher is a consignment from an advanced collector, who has decided to let it find a new owner in the collecting community. The cap is an early SS-VT style cloth bill visor cap, very much favored by the VT regiments, including Totenkopf, whose Anschluss marching-in pictures feature whole formations of troops wearing these. As time passed in the war, NCOs and officers alike treasured the crusher as a form of headgear that enabled them to stand out as part of the early elite of the SS formations. This cap features the early orangish color cotton lining with leatherette sweatband. The size stamp is 56 1/2. The sweatband is leatherette, and behind it the lining shows the textbook clipped raw edge, folded and tacked in the correct manner. There are no disturbances or changes in this. Under UV light, there are telltale green glows of old interior sweat. The insignia condition is commensurate with the condition of the cap overall, especially the even patina throughout. A fine example in the non-whipcord cloth (similar to the example pictured in the Mollo books.) A fine addition to the SS VT collection. COA accompanies.


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