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Fine SS-RZM Helmet, Marked to “SS-2″ (Bereitschaft 2), Later ,,Germania”


This SS-RZM helmet in the gunmetal grey color scheme is fully intact as issued, with the expected 3-pad liner system and carbine clip chinstrap. Under one of the pads is an outstanding property stamp from the 2nd “Bereitsschaft” (Political Readiness) Regiment, later SS-VT Standarte ,,Germania.” The shell supports up to size 66 and is free of dents or issues. The RZM stamping is crisp and correct. The SS stamping is not present (no sign of grinding), which may be a contractor / Producer flaw. Regardless, the helmet is the premier prewar SS design, and would be a great display piece with the early 1930s display. COA accompanies.

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