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RESERVED (rr) Fine Single Decal Fallschirmjäger Helmet, Minty!


This is a minty FJ single decal helmet, ET66 / 55, #5058. The paint is the ET medium texture Schiefergrau, with Luftwaffe adler affixed to the left side. The decal shows the typical factory application and a storage or handling scuff. It appears to have not been service used, but rather stored. The liner and straps are fine, supple, and bear the expected PRYM snaps and crisp size and contractor stampings. The screws on FJ helmets are usually turned at some point in their life of more than 80 years. On this example the rear screws have marks as if having been turned, but there is no affect from it. The straps are snugly in position and show no disturbance whatsoever. Overall a great, collectible example of one of these iconic helmets. COA accompanies.

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