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Fine, Published SS Camouflage Smock


  1.  This fine smock was published by the late Michael Beaver over 20 years ago in his book Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-SS. Mike pioneered a lot of the study of these rare items by delving into archives around the world to gain his knowledge.  Since his research and work a lot has been learned about the production and use of the camouflage smocks but Mike’s seminal works provided the basis for much of what we know now.  This smock is a plane tree overprint on Oakley an and is in fine, service used condition. It has evidence of a field repair to the waistband as well as a couple of elbow mendings. There also was a pocket installed on it at one time. The amount of closure of the holes and ultraviolet fading to the smock suggest the pocket was likely put on in war time– and also abandoned shortly thereafter, accounting for the uniformity of the fading.  The new owner will be very pleased with this fine specimen. COA accompanies.

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