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SOLD (cg) Fine Luftwaffe M40 Helmet, Size 68

This helmet is an SE68, #308, issued to the Luftwaffe. The finish is a medium texture Luft blue-grey, and nearly mint. The adler, also in minty condition, has a dusting of slight patina and a slight crook to the bottom arm of the swastika, certainly done during application. The liner is untouched original to the helmet and in the same minty condition. The interesting aspect are the death card and folded pieces of newspaper tucked inside the liner of the helmet. There is no proof the death card is of the owner of the helmet, but that is the exact way the consignor reports having obtained the helmet from its original source. The newspaper segment I unfolded and inspected was from a German newspaper dated circa 1942, and has typical advertisements and other interesting elements that give a small snapshot into life during that time. As far as collectability, this helmet is one of the finest condition large Luft pieces I have encountered in years. COA accompanies.

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