ON HOLD (js) Fine Heer Mountain Artillery Officer’s Visor Cap

SKU: Uask2


This is a fine ErEl maker Heer Artillery cap, badged to a Gebirgsoffizier. The cap body is fine doeskin for the upper, piped in red for artillery. The lining is in excellent condition, with a slight weakness tear toward the front left side of the sweatband. All stitching of the welt and band are intact and show no re-stitching. The satin lining bears the ErEl logo under the celluloid sweat shield. The insignia feature the metal cockade and eagle, with the eagle being adjusted upward to accommodate the metal Heer “edelweiss.” The edelweiss has snuggled into the material, indicating being on the cap a long period of time. The old adler prong holes are slightly visible, from where the eagle was moved up to make room for the edelweiss. All in all a fine looking example, near mint, with lots of eye appeal. COA accompanies.

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