Fine Heer Camouflage M35 Helmet

SKU: Mhbwhoeh


This outstanding example is an ET64 M35 in the heat lot range #3974. The helmet shows a lot of the underlying Heer adler peeking through the untouched camo finish. The national shield is not visible– and due to the helmet having a reissue M40 style liner and strap– may not be present at all, which would be correct. The camo paint is a 95% intact, beautiful combination of sand-textured golden tan, grass green and pinkish-hue brick red. The soldier’s inscription in the skirt is H. OEH. The liner is in service used but golden brown, showing some age patina. The strap is complete but shows two repair areas, consisting of a leather bond to re-join the parts. This is tastefully done and does not detract from the overall fine appearance. Overall a stunning addition to the camo collection. COA accompanies.

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