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Fine Early Ground Rohm SS Dagger, Named


I received this dagger from a friend for consignment, and checked with Tom W and Jeff N to get some overall advice since it is numbered and attributed to an SS Officer. Both of their comments were all favorable, including the fact that they had seen examples with this type of hand numbering. Other observations include that the insignia were never tampered with, and the dagger has not been taken apart or cleaned. The old patina on the nut is visibly undisturbed. The number corresponds to an SS-Sturmbannfűhrer Tomat, who was leader of an Allgemeine SS Battalion according to the copy of the 1937 Dienstaltersliste shown here.  The blade is an early small marked Boker, with excellent graining remaining and clear etching of the inscription. On the reverse of the blade, the old buff marks are slightly visible down toward the ricasso, showing where the Rohm inscription was removed. The scabbard is the early anodized, showing some age and service use. The hangar is a slightly later rzm pattern, still appropriate for this knife. An excellent, unmolested example of an early and rare dagger. COA accompanies.

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