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Fine CKL M42 SS Camouflage Helmet


This outstanding Waffen-SS M42 by ckl features the appropriate heat lot number of 2493 (or 8); also noted as SS in the ICE reference. I purchased the helmet several “shows” ago from a Texas collector who finds many outstanding items, often from veteran families or similar sources. The helmet features the classic ET/ckl schiefergrau finish and factory applied ET runic shield. The 1943 dated liner is pigskin and bears the initials and SS runes of the former wearer.  The helmet has a thin layer of dark feldgrau vehicle paint, often encountered frequently as a field expedient camo finish used toward the war’s end by German troops in the field. It partially subdues the runic shield, as not having a bulls-eye undoubtedly was the wearer’s intent. The helmet overall shows light to moderate service wear, with untouched liner and strap. A fine combat camo SS helmet for the mid to late war display.  COA accompanies.

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