HOLD (ip) Fine Allgemeine-SS NCO Visor Cap

SKU: UajprAV


This sharp visor comes from a long time collection, and has been curated for several decades in untouched condition. There are a couple of flaws, including some very old reinforcement stitching on the right and left corners of the visor, visible in the pictures. This does not detract, but it’s not possible to determine when the restoration took place, so it must be assumed that an early collector did it. This impacts the price point, as does the section of sweatband that appears to have been a mouse chew, or otherwise broke away from age and storage. Other than these two issues the cap is a textbook example of the satin lined higher-quality rzm issue visor of the day. Insignia are untouched and never restored. Overall a fine example and highly collectible. Coa accompanys purchase.

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