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SOLD (el) Beautiful Field Quality Heer Officer’s Tunic, Named, (Possible DKiG??)


This is another Heer infantry beauty, made of field quality earlier wool, rank of Oblt. The tunic is a fine example of a tailor-made combat tunic, of field quality wool, with full badging original to the tunic. The interesting thing is what has come from two famous and independent researchers who both did research on “Oberleutnant Schepp,” whose name appears in the tag. The two researchers concluded that among the junior officers named ‘Schepp’ on file, based on the date of the uniform’s tailoring–mid-1944, there was a chance that the tunic was one of these officers named Schepp shown here. There are extenuating factors though, such as one being a Grenadier officer (assuming green piping instead of white?), plus the fact that the first name is missing, so this research cannot be considered definitive. Circumstantially, based on the proximity of the award dates to the date of manufacture, it is at least worth note. COA accompanies.


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