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RESERVED (cj) Fantastic Black SS Transitional Helmet


Offered here is simply a screamer of an SS Transitional helmet, in nearly mint condition, showing only age and light service wear. This one came indirect vet, via a picker in the central Florida area, in 2019. The shell is Austrian WWI production, showing the slightly asymmetric chinstrap lugs which position themselves at the 8:00 / 4:00 position beside the decals. The finish is gloss parade black; the dome remains feldgrau per normal specifications, and the liner is the three-pad type on steel liner band. The decals are just stunning, with the CA Pocher runes at near 100%, showing the interior border line on the runes. In a word, the runes are to die for. The party shield, similarly strong condition, is the CA Pocher type. If you are looking for an SS-VT / TV / Allgemeine-SS Transitional for your display, this is the only one you will ever need, as it is just top condition. COA accompanies.

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