Fabulous US 11th Airborne Grouping

SKU: Uajpr11ab


This is simply a beautiful, untouched 11th Airborne Tech Corporal of Infantry grouping. Everything checks out, including the stitching, the correct insignia (an infantry Tech Corporal would be most likely a weapons expert / armorer). The brass are correct and have been left on the “Ike” jacket, not pieced together. The jump oval, machine affixed, is actually a full embroidered airborne badge style oval, and the wings are then pinned on top of that. Soldiers in WWII prided themselves on the x stitch method of affixing their airborne patch and rockers, and this one shows just that touch. The jacket and cap came together, the collector added the shirt. A beautiful, crisp ensemble, in put-away fine condition. COA accompanies.

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