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Fabulous, Mint Q68 M35 Luftwaffe Helmet

In a collector’s lifetime, it is very difficult to find a nicer condition M35 than this one. I know they exist out there in collections, but this mint helmets’ rarity is something we accept as hard to find. I first saw this helmet in 1965, at which time it was chalky new condition, similar to now; liner unstrung with the string tied as it is portrayed here.  My brother had traded an SA dagger for it at a Troy, Ohio gun show at the old Hobart Arena. Some time later, he sold it for $40 dollars to a teacher. We agreed it was the newest condition helmet we ever saw. It still is one of the best of its kind and size, and has been curated well over the years (I can see where the liner has been strung but not worn, just most likely displayed by whatever collector(s) owned it in the intervening years. The correct chinstrap matches the liner band date, but it shows some wear, suggesting it was changed — or added, (?) because I do not actually recall the helmet having a strap when we owned it 56 years ago). I was surprised when I re-encountered this helmet in the possession of a very close friend and fellow SS helmet collector, who had it a number of years and wanted to trade it. It went from me to another close friend, who kept it since then, and has now decided to part with it. The finish is 99% and has no issues. The interior shows essentially zero use, but the liner bears a lightly inscribed surname. The helmet has been cared for over the years and still shows no storage wear of any sort. The decals retain their ‘halo’ of mintness. Let the pictures finish describing this fine piece for you. It is a superb collectible in a condition not often encountered. COA of course accompanies.

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