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SOLD Fabulous and Historic, Georg Winter Uniform Grouping

This visor cap, mantel and sword were the property of SS-Sturmbannfűhrer Georg Winter, whose wife Anny was the housekeeper at Hitler’s apartment at 16 Prinzregentinstrasse, Munich. I’ve been to the apartment, which is now a police precinct HQ, but was unable to see the ‘third floor’ that time–perhaps next time! At any rate, as described in the massive amount of provenance documentation, elements of the 45th Division ‘Thunderbirds’ occupied the apartment during a short while as Munich was being captured and consolidated. The description in the words of the GI who brought these and other items back, eventually selling them, is contained within the photos of the (included) 1992 “Max Gazette.” Incredibly, this gentleman sold the various items at shows over the years, and eventually the consignor obtained these items for his own collection. Some of the items that sold elsewhere over the years included the pistol that Geli Raubal shot herself with, as well as some of Hitler’s WWI awards and decorations (the latter can be seen in the Gettysburg Museum of History. The uniform items are untouched pristine condition, “as brought back.” The visor cap is a beautiful, textbook, high quality piece, with untouched insignia that still have a lot of  shimmer to them. The name tag “Winter” is a dead match to Winter’s signature in various documents in his file. The Mantel is fine wool, with all insignia intact, including a strikingly well – rendered “SS-Hauptampt” bullion cufftitle. The SS Officer’s Degen is a fine example, showing just moderate wear. All of these items have been very well cared for over the years. Some of the most famous Third Reich personalities were in the presence of this uniform, as Winter and especially his wife had very close access to AH and other high ranking members. This ensemble is carefully maintained under lock and key, and if there are pictures absolutely necessary to obtain, I can definitely provide them. The purchaser of this unique grouping will receive my fullest guarantee and certification of authenticity and satisfaction. An almost never-encountered ensemble for the most discriminating collector.

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