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RESERVED (md) Extremely Rare SS M35 Double Runic Combat Helmet


To my knowledge, there are less than a dozen SS-VT/Waffen-SS double runic helmets in collections worldwide. There may be several more than a dozen, but I am not aware of them. I’ve written about double runics in all of my books, attempting to draw closure to exactly why they exist and who wore them. They appear in photographs of SS-VT ,Germania’ around the 1940 time period, in one case showing several soldiers wearing them at the same time. I have seen photographs of Finns wearing them in entire formations, again, during the early war period. They consist of both factory issue SS double decal helmets with the addition of a Pocher runic shield on top of the party shield; or a completely repainted helmet with two CA Pocher runic shields. There are M40 and M42 examples of these, usually consisting of an SS helmet with the factory stock decal, then a Pocher on the opposite side. Generally speaking, these are regarded as VT, then Wiking division attributed helmets. In offhand cases, they can also be found on odd, one-off examples of wear.

This helmet is a Q64 M35, #3173, with untouched original liner and chinstrap. The heat lot number puts the helmet into the 1939 production period, which for Quist usually featured a dark green feldgrau finish, with blue-green glossy liner retainer pins. The runic shield is the classic Quist stock decal, and the opposite side features the Quist party shield with a CA Pocher decal on top of it, creating the classic double rune effect. The helmet is un-named. In fact I am not aware of any that bear a unit designation–only one or two having any name either. The helmet shows fairly steady field service use, and presents a striking ‘classic SS helmet’ appearance. For the serious, advanced collection. Full COA accompanies.

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