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Extraordinary US Vet Grouping With Gauleiter Konrad Henlein Items


This US Veteran family – acquired grouping consists of the SSgt. Ike Jacket and documents belonging to a member of the 410th Infantry Regiment who was on hand during the occupation of the house of Gauleiter Konrad Henlein, a famous Sudeten German and political rival of Reinhard Heydrich. (see wiki link to Henlein here: Konrad Henlein – Wikipedia). The “Ike Jacket” and personal items of the US NCO are remarkable and tell his story of combat service in the ETO. The Henlein albums are one of a kind items that would greatly add to the archival collection of whomever possesses Henlein’s uniform and personal effects. Henlein’s particular contribution to the destructive impact of the third reich on Europe is far more important than any other Gauleiter, given that he was singular in enabling the political support for Hitler to grow within the Sudetenland, to the point where he influenced the “1938 Crisis.” This was what led to the meetings between Chamberlain and Hitler, which resulted in the forfeiture of the Sudetenland to Hitler, who quickly took it. The destruction of the Czech and Jewish populations there were part of the legacy of not only Heydrich and Frank, but also Henlein. Below is the translation of the featured award document to Henlein:

“Honorary Citizenship Epistle from the City of Wildstein¬†The City of Wildstein appointed Mister Reichsstatthalter* and Gauleiter,** Konrad Henlein,*** as an honorary citizen in recognition of his unique services in the liberation of the Sudetenland.**** This document should serve as an expression of our gratitude for your tireless commitment in the fight for freedom and justice. The population of the town of Wildstein pledges its steadfast loyalty to you, and along with you, believe in the legacy of Adolf Hitler and in an eternally great Germany.Wildstein, 4 May 1939The Mayorsigned K. Baumgarten”

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