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Extraordinarily Rare 12-SSPz Dvision ,,HJ” Officer’s Wrapper (fs)

Here is another stunning item from this advanced collector, who has allowed me the opportunity to handle this fine garment along with the StuG in the other listing. This Textbook Panzer wrapper consists of an enlisted issue Waffen-SS Panzer pattern armored crew jacket in black, later quality wool, with the original factory applied, issue enlisted sleeve-eagle on the left sleeve. The other insignia consist of “officer-upgraded” enlisted style matching BeVo collar tabs, piped in aluminum wire and decorated with 3 pips for SS-Untersturmfűhrer. The collar also has had aluminum piping of similar gauge added to the edge, enhancing the “officer look” of the tunic (as we know, there is no “factory issue” officer’s wrapper– all came as enlisted stock, unless they were tailor-made). The cufftitle is the rare, correct “BeVo-like” weave and is machine applied. The shoulder boards are later quality subdued, piped in pink for Panzer. The jacket is lined with black imitation silk material, showing light service wear. No markings are visible. This type of remarkably rare piece of SS history is almost never available. Full lifetime COA accompanies purchase. Contact me for more information.

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