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Exquisitely Rare FJR6 Normandy ’60s Relic Find DD Helmet


Listed here is a relic of one of the most iconic WWII German Fallschirmjaeger units, FJR Regiment 6. The helmet is a double decal to boot. This one was found according to the letter attached, in the Normandy battle area in the 1960s. The pictures tell the story, especially showing the telltale camouflage scheme, as well as original Luft adler and national shield still very much intact and visible. The eagle correctly lacks the ‘dot’ on the wing, which is very characteristic of the Luft adlers issued on FJ helmets in general. The helmet is bullet struck, further adding to the rugged history of the piece. (There is a rust inhibiting clear coat evidently to stop rust–a common occurrence with relic pieces.) An outstanding and historic relic, COA accompanies.

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