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Exquisite Condition Close Combat Clasp in Gold


This is a fine example of the Third Reich Close Combat Clasp in Gold, made by the firm A.G.M.u.K.  The front of the badge is the relief depiction of the oakleaves and rays, with the Wehrmacht eagle and crossed grenade and bayonet below it in the center. The reverse of the badge bears the “F.E.C. W.E. Peekhaus Berlin”  and “Ausf. A.G.M.u.K. Gablonz” maker marks. The coke bottle shaped bar and clasp are in fine and completely intact. Overall the finish is circa 90% present, with very little high point wear that exposes the feinzinc, and the typical bubbling that occurs as the zinc reacts with the finish over time. If you have searched long for one of these for your collection, you need look no more– it is just exquisite. COA accompanies.

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