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RESERVED (m.d.) Exceptionally Rare Early Pre-Contract SS-RZM Helmet, Double Emblem


In 2003, Archivist, historian and collector Barry Smith was contacted by a local South Jersey antique shop, whose owner knew Barry and his Father were interested in WWII items. The went to the shop and were presented with this helmet, which had just been brought in by a local family. Realizing what it was, Barry purchased the helmet and brought it to the Union NJ show that month. Myself, Michael Beaver (the late, famous author of SS Uniforms books), Bill Shea, and Bob H. witnessed the unveiling of this helmet, which was purchased by Bob H. Barry had researched the name, “Schlagwein” and accompanying unit markings in the helmet’s inscription (see pictures) and brought the complete file from the National Archives, which is in hard copy and on CD. Needless to say, it was a privilege to witness this unveiling. The helmet has since been in two other collections, and is again available for sale. It is an SS-RZM model helmet (pre-contract, not marked) and bears a beautiful gloss black ‘shell’ finish, RZM specs liner, and pop-rivet liner retaining pins. The SS insignia are original hand-stenciled, and show all signs of commensurate, real, aging. They conform to the RFSS order of 1935 to hand paint SS and party shields on all helmets, until supplies of the new (CA Pocher) decals could be distributed in sufficient quantity. This order, translated, can be found in the very famous work “History of the German Steel Helmet” by the late Ludwig Baer. A finer specimen of this early type of SS heraldry cannot be found. COA accompanies.

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