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Exceptionally Rare and Desirable LSSAH First Style Helmet, 1934-35


This nearly one of a kind piece has graced some of the best known SS helmet collections, and is now offered for sale by its current owner. The helmet consists of the at that time typically available WWI German M16 shell, which the SS  procured in quantities and sent to workshops for refurbishment. This process involved refinishing the helmet in black for parade use, and outfitted with the specified liner system if a serviceable one did not already exist in the helmet. In this case, as is the case noted with other original LAH examples, the liner is an M31 type, band dated 1931, embossed size and date stamp in the leather; and outfitted with the corresponding carbine clip chinstrap. These components are the originally installed fixtures in this helmet, and form part of the “fingerprint” data points of the more standardized LAH models (earlier models had 3 pad liners and older style chinstraps for example). The right side of the helmet bears the hand-rendered SS runes in white, with scalloped-border in white. The left side bears the full national shield, also hand painted, and non-scalloped. The shields show exquisite, authentic age and patina. The helmet is one of 5 known of this exact configuration, (except given slight nuanced differences in the had application of the emblems). A must have for the dedicated early SS regalia collector. COA accompanies.



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