Exceptional M34 Allgemeine-SS Parade Helmet, With Fat Rune SS Shield

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I first owned this helmet in 1998 as a purchase from Wolfe-Hardin. It made its way through two advanced collections after I owned it for 5 years, finally ending up in a Museum in Europe. This is one of very few Fat Rune helmet examples available in the world–I have owned 3 M35s and this, and I know of one fiberhelm with fat runes (contributed to the helmets published in SS-Steel, courtesy A. Barrows) and I know of one more fat rune M35 that is unpublished. In the photographic record, and as discovered in the markings of one of the examples, the fat rune appears to have been used widely by the LAH in 1934-35. (See my Feature Helmets Section for more information on Fat Rune helmets). This specimen is in reversed configuration on a 1934 dated aluminum Civic square scallop helmet, likely for parade use in the Allgemeine-SS or SS-VT (LAH?) It is unmarked, so there is no ability to narrow this down to unit, but in the early period of the SS, many different styles of helmet were used until they were standardized in the later 1930s. A fine example, with light wear and perfect decals (especially a Fat Rune!). Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity

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