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Exceptional Luftwaffe Normandy Camouflage Helmet


This is a killer Luftwaffe Q64 M40 Camouflage helmet, in a very contrasting pattern of a base spray of ordinance tan, lightly topped with sprayed grey; and a hand applied dark grass green, daubed with a wide brush. I’ve been told by mr. Albert barrows that the green is a commercial paint, that has been found on several luftwaffe camouflage examples. (This suggests that in the Heat of battle or moment of need, whatever is available is used to get the job done. Most camos that we observe that were done at the unit level reflect wide use of vehicle paint for their schemes, thus presenting the ‘common camouflage’ look. This helmet bears a slightly different look, but in hand is a superb original camo example). The full Luft adler is visible in the photographs, which highlight it’s contours at an angle. The overall condition of this helmet is just outstanding, showing service wear but no damage or abuse. But it has the absolute telltale patina and “look” that we expect. The tip of the long end of the strap is broken, but a long end will be furnished with the sale at no charge. Don’t miss this unusual, beautiful and rare camo beauty. COA accompanies.


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