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Excellent Luftwaffe Paratrooper (FJ) Helmet


Here is an excellent example of an M38 Late war no decal  flared rim M38 Fallschirmjaeger helmet with character, that has seen it’s share of honest battle use.  The flared rim FJ helmets are rare as it is, and this is a rarer large sized 71–especially rare for these late war examples with few encountered in this size. It features the correct vented aluminum bolts with slots. The heat lot number and maker marks on rear are not visible (either too lightly stamped or hidden by liner band) but all of these were CKL, with Lot #4054.  The rear straps on the harness show evidence of being battlefield cut off –  often called “Corpse Cut” by collectors . The Liner is stamped: Kopfweite Gr. 59 (liner size), Stalhelm Gr. 71 (shell size), as well as showing a partially visible RB number. The liner is intact with what appears to be blood stains as well as sweat stains along the edges. The overall suspension system shows good, period use, with some expected, slight looseness to the pads. Great example, COA accompanies.

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