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Estate Found 101st Airborne Jump Jacket and Ammo Belt Combo


This outstanding 101st Airborne jump jacket and belt originate from an estate buy (more information will be available tbd). Unfortunately there was no name associated with the items, but their originality speaks for itself. The overall condition of the jacket shows original badging of the 101st shoulder patch and the American flag; the Tech Sergeant sleeve ranks, as well as the underneath pocket flap color variances in the material. The jacket- integral belt is intact original to the jacket. Overall patina of the cloth is uniform and authentic. The web belt that came with the jacket is a very cool item of equipment that has been rigger modified to accomodate enblock clips for the M1 rifle, as well as what appear to be smaller loops for shotgun shells. The webbing for the loops is from re-used stow loops from from a static line parachute deployment bag, the repack markings being the indicator (As a former parachute rigger in the 82nd Abn Div 45 years ago, this type of usage of materials by the riggers is familiar to me). This outfit is a consignment piece from a very reputable and competent source. (The jacket can be purchased separately for 3750 and the belt for 350). COA accompanies.


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