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SOLD (mk) ‘End of the Road Fabulous’ Waffen-SS NCO Tunic

This outstanding Waffen-SS Tunic is a one-look original SS contract piece from the contractor ‘Johann Frey’ Munich. The tunic is an M36 / 40 style, manufactured with pleated pockets, the one-turn angle mouse grey cotton lining, and horizontal button hole at the bandage pocket. The RZM pattern runic and matching rank tabs are hand sewn on to the tailor-added double hook droop tail collar. The tress is sewn across the lower rear corner of each collar tab, sealing its fate as 100% original unaltered SS. The sleeve eagle is an earlier wartime quality RZM pattern, and is the eagle that the tunic was adorned with when it arrived to the unit. The boards are white piped SS-Uscha rank, with the narrower tongue and long type buttonhole. The RZM pattern “Wiking” cufftitle is a stunning original machine-sewn example, and shows the same wear and patina patterns as the tunic throughout. This unaltered original jacket, badged to a premier unit, would grace any advanced Waffen-SS collection. COA accompanies purchase. (This tunic is featured in my update video at this link: )

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