Elegant Private Purchase Waffen-SS Polizei or Recruitment Visor Cap

SKU: Uakhx


I purchased this cap years ago for my personal collection due to two factors: it is fine quality and condition and it came indirect-vet from a picker who himself had kept it for years after obtaining it from the veteran. The body material is a fine doeskin, with wool piping for (likely) recruitment, a rare variety. The lining is textbook in tacking and treatment of the inner band and sweatband. The full celluloid sweat diamond bears the embossed Bavarian maker’s logo underneath. The eagle has never been touched. The skull is a miss-match, but an earlier Deschler. The cap is priced with this in mind. Overall a very fine example of a rarer piped visor, and would be a fine addition to the mint visor collector’s shelf. Sale includes COA.