HOLD (ms) Early Production Heer M35 Combat Helmet

SKU: Mhfs111


This large size, very well-used and camouflaged M35 combat helmet has an interesting story from the consignor: “Here is my first German helmet, found in Luxembourg in 1984 in a barn in Sandweiler also for sale. The original color is apple green, covered by matte green cam. Double decals are partially scratched / partially painted over for the national shield and almost completely scratched for the eagle. It is a very early version, combat used helmet from the Western front. Early single layer aluminium liner band, 1937 stamped (unfortunately fractured). High quality thick leather liner, with a rare embossed stamp, indicating manufacture by Schuberth-Werke (until today the best helmet producer, for example Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 helmet).”

I was not aware that Schuberth-Werke still produced helmets– very cool indeed! This helmet obviously saw a lot of action, and shows it. The interesting aspect is the split liner band–this happened frequently with the single-ply aluminum bands, causing the liner manufacturers to reinforce them beginning in 1938. A good helmet with some good collector history.

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