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(m.s.) Double Decal Waffen-SS M40 Helmet


This incredibly rare example was first obtained by me directly from the veteran’s family, while visiting in the US in summer of 2001. The helmet was brought back by a PFC Phillips, who was a member of the 180th Infantry Regiment, 45th Division ‘Thunderbirds.’  This unit entered Dachau on 29th of April, 1945, and endured an awful situation of chaos according to historical accounts. They were involved in the initial disarming / dispatching / organizing of the German Staff (many were 6th SS GB ‘Nord’ having been placed there a few days prior); plus a fair number of camp staff who remained as well. PFC Phillips had passed away before I obtained the helmet, so I lacked the ability to gain his account, and the family had zero details about it’s capture history–except that the grandfather had  specified it came from a concentration camp. After obtaining the helmet, I later published it in my 1st Edition of SS-Steel in 2003/4. 

The helmet is an ET62, with a Thale / Harz abgenommen stamp in the dome. The heat lot number is 725, one of the recognized DD M40 SS helmet production numbers. The runic shield is classic ET, lightly golden in color; the pary shield is a CA Pocher pattern. The finish is a 98% schiefergrau feldgrau, medium texture. The strap is dated 1940. The helmet was just sent to me by the collector I sold it to, after 20 years of ownership of it. It is unchanged and untouched since the war. A beautiful and rare example of the ET product line. COA accompanies.


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