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Sold (ed) Documented A.H. Postcard Painting


When Hitler was a young man, he spent a couple of years in Vienna and then Munich, prior to joining the German Army for service in WWI. He was mainly homeless during his Vienna period, living in a hostel for homeless and selling his art to get by. His closest friend at that time was August ‘Gustl’ Kubizek, to whom Hitler had given many of his works over that period of time. Kubizek kept these paintings safe after the war, eventually selling some or most of them prior to his death in 1956. This postcard watercolor comes from Kubizek as described in the accompanying documentation from the author and authenticator Steven R. Pastore. The watercolor is normal postcard size, with grid lines indicating that it was used as a model for other paintings perhaps of larger scale. This work is priced accordingly for a rapid sale for the consignor, who has been impacted by the events of this year and has been forced to part with premier items. The price point also reflects an outstanding investment value in this historic ephemera. All associated documentation accompanies this purchase.

References to Hitler’s works can be found at:


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