SOLD (dn) Direct Vet Bring-back German WWII Kriegsflagge

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This excellent artifact is an historic time capsule. The veteran who brought it back, CPL Frank Mercadante of New Jersey, was assigned to the 22nd Tank Battalion, 11th Armored Division, and survived being wounded during the Battle of the Bulge (see records and obituary below). A beyond rare aspect of this flag is the picture below of CPL Mercadante holding the flag, posing in front of his tank. One of the fellow crew members who also signed the flag is highlighted here also, Mr. John Koenig of Seattle area Washington. He also signed the flag and his signature can be seen there. (Mercadante did not sign it himself). The letter written by his daughter reflects the situation of many veterans, who never received their medals or citations before returning home. After the end of the war, the government was likely in no rush to make up the shortfall either; the nation had an economy to rebuild. Nonetheless, Mercadante’s file from the Veteran’s Administration reflects the awards appropriately. His highest award is his Purple Heart Medal, which many combat veterans regard as the only medal of worth.  An exciting vet bringback piece, from a premier unit that fought famously in the Bulge / Ardennes Offensive. COA accompanies.


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