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RESERVED (b.s.) Combat-Used Black SS M35, Q66


This is an incredible, likely last-ditch used SS-VT or Allgemeine-SS M35, showing every sign of having been pulled off a shelf and used at the end of the war likely by a Volkssturm combatant. The helmet is a classic Quist SS issue, size 66, with heat lot number 664, a definite number among SS Q helmets. The helmet was produced in feldgrau with presumably Quist decals, then painted black for parade and given a set of CA Pochers. Whatever service life it saw pre-war, it remained in that configuration until it was picked up and re-purposed at war’s end. As a result of this usage, the helmet shows every sign of having been involved in the catastrophic end of its wearer, with a shrapnel strike to the right side, an inch or two to the rear of the SS runic shield. The helmet additionally shows wear of having been left outdoors for a period, prior to its being picked up as a souvenir. A remarkable history for an iconic — and rare — SS helmet, which the consignor is offering at an incredibly reasonable price.  COA accompanies.

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