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(TR)Combat Service Used ,,Deutschland” Tunic, SS-Rottenführer


This is a superb, untouched and un-altered example of a service used M43 SS issue tunic made in later war German material. The insignia are period applied and show wear and patina commensurate with the rest of the garment.

The tunic itself is heavy worn and had definitiely seen some action but is still in great condition. There are no serious damaged areas and no big holes, repaired areas or anything like this.
All the insignia is nicely toned and worn. The runic tab is a more rare example made by the maker 122 on Moleskin backing material, with a great patina from wear; while the Bevo sleeve eagle is a not that common rare Belgiun pattern. Belgian is the most accepted origin, however some consider French as the origin. Regardless, the foreign Eagle is potentially indicative of a volunteer from Alsace or Belgium, (which Deutschland regiment did have many in the latter stages of the war). The Deutschland cuff title is the earlier RZM pattern which was worn from early days and throughout the war. All the insignia is nicely worn, toned and matches up greatly. The Rottenführer chevron is hand sewn and the collar tabs are also both attached by hand — while the eagle is machine applied.
The tunic itself is a common camp production example showing all the features one wants to see in a factory made SS M-42 example. Nothing was altered or shortened except one button was a little bit moved to the side. It seems the soldier was very slim. The collar backside material and the horizontal sewing lines are pointing to the SS contractor 117 which used this material incl. the horizontal sewing style on his tunic collars.
There are loops for one breast badge.
The shoulder boards are worn and in the correct SS pattern with field grey backing in italian wool. They used black heringbone twill for the tongue of one board while the other one has some kine of ribbed black cotton/rayon blend. Both shoulder boards are coming with the correct field grey backing material taken from scrap material which was left over in producing tunics and headgear.
Overall an exceptional SS garment, COA accompanies.


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